I have always been simultaneously attracted and repelled from the idea of a “beginning” in my life. I’m sitting here 4 days away from the beginning of my journey to Kigali, Rwanda. I may be going to a new continent but I am surrounded by the same emotions, behaviours and attitutes that have always accompanied me during my life. The same emotions, behaviours and attitudes that have brought me to this particular point in my development.

And yet all of a sudden I feel like there is something different about this trip. Mat would say that this is a ‘formative’ period. I am on fast-foward in a period of learning, in the sense that each day I’m here training in Antigonish, my personal and intellectual learning has been exponential. I suspect this intense learning will continue in Kigali. Dealing with personal power and inter-cultural relations has been the most pivotal.

In the midst of this preparation for Rwanda, I am consumed by the future – why am I here, what am I supposed to be doing with my time in this universe? My mind is always buzzing.

And so I’ve created this space to help me with my mental organization around my purpose, my learning, my experience in Africa. With the hope that I will better be able to observe the way that life is directing me, towards whatever I am meant to be a part of.


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