Coady Diploma Participants

This picture shows in part the group of participants here at Coady doing the six-month diploma in Community Based Development. They are organizing for an official group shot here.

Each morning, I go to ‘home group’ with five of these participants. We’ve been having homegroup for the past three weeks, and to sum it up: enlightening, frustrating, pointless, warm, cold, awkward, simple, structured, confusion, familiarity and dissimilarity.

This morning, the diploma participants in my group presented Molly (an intern going to Botswana) and me with cards, because we’re leaving in three days.

The cards were completely beautiful.

As much as my time with the diploma participant group has surfaced conflict and compromise, I have definitely been impacted on a deeper level.

The process of this month, despite how tedious and useless it has felt during all the sessions, has changed me, left an imprint. The people I have met have made me experience things within myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have seen things that I never want to replicate. I have been forced to deal with emotions that consume, overwhelm, and cause me to be a person I do not like.

I have met people who generate a warmth that I can only hope to one day be able to express. People who just radiate it from within as if it just natually lives inside them.

I can never be wholeheartedly upset at a situation I find myself in, despite the fact that it may be entirely horrible at the time, or entirely useless.

When I think about home group, the memory I am left with is this card I’ve got sitting here beside me.

I am always impacted. And I must choose how to manipulate that impact into a form that helps me grow.


~ by kcanderson on August 3, 2005.

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