The Purpose – why this blog?

In my head there exists a line that divides the two spaces in my mind where I live.

The first space is emotional.
I live here the most frequently. It’s the place where I feel out situations. It’s also the place where I interact with the outside world, day-to-day, moment to moment, interactions, realtionships, inspiration. It’s the place where I’m irrational, ecstatically happy, depressed or consumed by any given thing.

The second space is intangible, the witness of events, the driver.
This is the space that is constantly going in the background, works in concepts and not specifics, is grasping at something and can’t quite express that something to my conscious, emotional mind as of yet. this place in my head is more objective, but not entirely. It is always learning and drawing on the things that the universe has given me so far in my life.

I have a personal journal that I write in almost every evening. it’s in this journal that I write about the moments, the inspiration, the emotion. I write about the things I need to release somewhere or to document.

As of yet, in my life, there has not been a concrete place where I document the workings in my head that are separate from emotions. I needed a place where I could talk about the concepts that I think about:

What is international development? What drives my involvement in this field?
What does HIV/AIDS mean to me? Why do I relate to it?
Where is my role within this pandemic?
How can medicine be a facilitator to the change I need to make – in myself, or the world?
What does it mean to create change, and should that be a goal?

Should I be focused on making an impact – what is an impact? And if so, what impact should I strive to make in my small universe?

I am going to attempt to use this blog as a place for my brain to unload. I hope I can use the thoughts I write here to move towards my greater goals, towards whatever purpose I may be serving in this life.


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