Work interrupted, continuity

I am looking back at the work I was doing with the AIDS Network. I gave that up to come here, and now I’m in the process of reading the final community planning report that was completed in my absence. It feels strange to have put so much energy into something, only to leave it behind.

I am looking for continuity. Discontinuity makes me feel like I’m not making progress. I want to move through my life, feeling as though my work – despite where and how it takes place – has a thread of consistency. That my passion and focus are clear.

Maybe enough philosophy, It is Saturday morning.

Gisenyi for the weekend, up near Goma. Some good time for reading, reflection, writing, and eating. Yes, eating. I have taken up eating as a sport here, almost. I eat all the time. Strange that even still, I have lost weight!! Not for long, I assure you all.
Time to board the bus.



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