The News

The daily english newspaper in Kigali is called The Daily Times. I read it occasionally, and it talks a lot about national affairs. Which minister had which workshop, what is going on with the power and water, reports on presidential activities and also the gacaca trials.

I am feeling really cut off from news sources. I do have the internet, but only for a half hour a day and I use that for family emails. The radio in the morning plays a mix of news in French and Kinyarwanda, but cuts out when there is a power outage (often). The takes about five minutes to load.

The fact that I am cut off most of the time means that I’ve got a lot of empty room in my head to ponder my own existence. And think about my work here in Rwanda. I am in a constant state of wondering why I am here. Why did the universe open up and give me Rwanda, of all things. Why did Western say yes to my deferral?

As I get settled in, I spend my evenings doing a lot of yoga, reading and writing. And a lot of reflection. It’s really scary all the things that go on in your head. There is so much chaos, so much disorganized banter about really unimportant things. What a waste of valuable energy!

Five minutes left on the internet – just enough time to load the Globe! Love you all and I am doing my best to load pictures.


~ by kcanderson on September 5, 2005.

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