Being at Work

I had the feeling today that all of a sudden, I was at work.

We had a meeting this morning with a national organization that also works to support people living with HIV/AIDS. We were in the midst of a heated discussion on income generating activities, and choosing criteria for selection of loan recipients. Half French, half english, every other word in Kinyarwanda… I found the whole event tiring, the constant translation. But, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat in thought the whole time, too.

No one here thinks of monitoring projects, or evaluating them. A lot of the time, it is a matter of just giving money and then writing a report saying it was given. My hang-up on impact and results is foreign here, my comments go over with occasional half-nods. Maybe it’s the english or the mutilated French? I find it interesting to watch this process, happening in a bubble, when all the international donors are demanding tangible progress.

The connection with the world: I sat on my bed last night for half an hour hovered over a BBC Africa radio broadcast. The Global Fund got $3.5 Billion. I eat lunch with global fund staff – there was no word of this. These are very brilliant people. Where is the communication? Can I get in trouble for asking this on a blog? Just wondering.


~ by kcanderson on September 7, 2005.

2 Responses to “Being at Work”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Keep on asking questions, in what ever language works best, half-nods may turn into full-nods with perserverance and consistency of objective and then, who knows what…I don’t know of any healthy scientific or organizational environment that deters comments or questions…keep up the faith.

  2. This may give you guidance.

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