Lines, etc.

I’ve noticed there are a few things that are unique to Rwanda.

1. There is no such thing as lines. You just get right in there, muscle your way in. This goes for buying groceries, getting on taxis, or at the bank.

2. If you accidently hit someone, in the face or whatever, you never apologize. You just keep going. I was whacked right in the face, no response. This has happened a few times!

3. When you hand money to someone, it can be in a crumpled ball. You never look at the person you’re giving money to, you just kind shove it in their direction. For example, you are sitting in the front of the taxi and you need to hand money to the back, where the guy is that collects it. You just hold money, crumpled in a ball. Someone takes it. ?

That’s about all I can think of!
I did yoga on my balcony last night. I have been doing yoga everyday. I think it really entertains the little kids that live behind my house. They can only see me when I raise my hands up in the air, but I see them staring in wonder.

Love you all. Tonight is Sole Luna Italian night and I am thrilled!


~ by kcanderson on September 14, 2005.

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