the Expat Scene

Socializing has never been my forte. Especially here I find this, where social scene is exclusive and dichotomous… the expat scene is strong and overpowering, but involves no local people whatsoever. Expats come here for years and bubble themselves into this very americanized existence.

I don’t feel the connection, I don’t feel like I fit in with it.
I have decided internally to make the effort, and for the past two weekends have involved myself a lot in this social world. I’m not sure it feels entirely right. I’m not sure I have really met anyone yet where I felt that effortlessness, that ability to connect. I’m not sure I’ve really understood where these people are coming from, all their different mentalities that somehow all seem different than mine.

I’m not sure where in this world I am meant to be. Instead I am in learning mode, discovery mode. Mat told me, when you meet the right people, it will be effortless.
Thank goodness.


1 thought on “the Expat Scene”

  1. You know when I went to Taiwan I was set on taking in as much Taiwanese culture as possible… It really isn’t long before you feel the need to have familiarity. I came back from Taiwan with much more appreciation for the specific ethnics groups tend to form an almost impenetrable circle. It’s hard to be a foreigner.
    On a seperate note it takes a specific type of westerner to be an expat in a non-western country. I also found it hard to relate.

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