Top 7 Lessons Learned this Week

1. If you really want to leave the office by 3:30, absolutely everyone will need your help with something at 3:25.

2. Everything comes together eventually, including your internship work that looked impossible to begin with. If you want something, make sure to ask for it. Repeatedly.

3. People wear big belts that say ‘UNZIP ME’ because they don’t know what it actually means.

4. When all your colleagues tell you you’re getting fat everyday, really – its a compliment!

5. Rain in Rwanda means RAIN in Rwanda – about a foot of it. Bring your wet suit.

6. If you say “je suis excitĂ©e” in French, it means you are aroused. Not just excited.

7. I am married, for all intents and purposes. Including changing money at the Novotel, buying chocolate bars and taking taxis! And my husband is a wonderful man who is coming to pick me up in about 5 minutes.


1 thought on “Top 7 Lessons Learned this Week”

  1. I love #7.
    Made me laugh.
    Also made me wonder why I didn’t use that one in Europe when Italian guys were chasing Geo & I down the deserted streets of Brindisi, Italy asking if they could kiss us & did we want to “bear the children”? LOL

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