What do you do with yourself in Rwanda, when it is dark at 6pm, the power is out, and everything is quiet?

All suggestions are welcome. I’m considering writing a book but still unsure of the topic. Also unsure if I have the writing skill to pull it off.

It is scary in there, my head, when I am left alone to my thoughts for such extended periods!

If only I had brought knitting needles.

~ by kcanderson on October 1, 2005.

3 Responses to “Boredom”

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  2. Without a single doubt, I believe in your ability to write a book.

  3. Hey Kel!

    I love reading your blog..the lessons you’ve learned..hilarious. As for your ability to write a book, I believe in you..

    Okay. Keep up the positive attitude..Love you.

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