It is 8:14am and I am actually sitting in the office.
One of those frustrating days. I have a research project in the works but today I sit workless, tied up in bureaucracy and waiting for approvals. And today is Canadian Thanksgiving. My feeling of hollowness inside is probably a mix of frustration, loneliness and turkey-craving. That and a case of mild food-poisoning from an Indian Restaurant Saturday night. All in all, my sentiment is to just go home and call it a day. Unfortunately it is far too early in the day for a rash movement like that.

Time speeds forward and simultaneously hovers at a stand-still. Each moment can take an eternity, positively or negatively. The sweet smell of burning leaves as I relax in Pigeon Pose on Isabelle’s porch yesterday morning; the long and rough stares of passing locals as I wait for twenty minutes this morning for the driver.

In any case I am here. Passed on from my friend Shayne, “You are where you are, looking at what you’re looking at and hearing what you’re hearing. That’s it.” Words from George Elliot Clarke. “If you can’t find art in that, God help you.”

~ by kcanderson on October 10, 2005.

5 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

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  2. Kelly,

    Thanksgiving was hard for me too. I could smell the turkey cooking in the kitchen at home from Nairobi.

    Keep up the blogging. I just haven’t had the time to do so, I will restart soon. I’d rather spend my time emailing Giselle.

    Anyway, good luck and keep your spirits up. Its been two months!


  3. We have all sorts of time for great thanks giving diners the rest of our lives.

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  5. Mat: I love the support you give Kel. Your comments make me smile b/c I can feel the love in them (cheesy line but fitting).

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