Yes, I am realizing how that last blog may have seemed a bit intense… perhaps an explanation is in order!

I am working on our 2006 action plan. Alone. I was greeted early Monday morning with a call from work asking if it was finished yet (I was assigned it Friday night!) Needless to say it’s not exactly finished, in that a document of its importance will take me at least 5 days straight. Work wasn’t really happy. But the budget is huge, over 2.5 million dollars. I am thrilled to have the challenge but also it stresses me out!

I thought i would describe something that I have found really intriguing since I arrived here in Kigali. We have about 6 radio stations in the city, a mix of Kinyarwanda, French and English. But there is no mix of music. It is rap and hip hop. And some Celine Dion/Shania Twain. Don’t be surprised to see a 60 year old man rocking in his car to some really loud rap. Or to feel like you are in the middle of a club while you sit in the taxi.

This extends to all levels and all age groups – for example, my driver on the way to work, who cranks up the hip hop each morning. For the benefit of all the passengers, who range from my age to about 55. Everyone likes this start to their morning, I think! Not to mention that at 6:55 every morning, Radio 10 plays a Kinyarwanda version of Happy Birthday that is followed by two minutes of only baby laughter and screaming… your guess is as good as mine.


1 thought on “Music!”

  1. Poor Kelly,no wonder you were stressed. I support your feelings all the way. Do take care. Don’t forget that we support and love you here at home.

    Goodnight! Sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite.


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