I am having a growing fondness for my colleagues.

I have purposely not mentioned the name of my organization, or the names of my colleagues in this blog. Mostly so I can write about it anonymously! The truth of the matter is that our problems are ultimately so simple. I was walking with one of our coordinators up to the taxi stop after work today. She is a beautiful woman with a laugh that is completely contagious. She takes most of the brunt at the workplace when things don’t get done. I often wondered why things didn’t get done, because she is intelligent and takes initiative for her projects. As things turn out, our phone is broken at the office. I knew this. But while I thought employees were getting funds to make calls on their cell phones, they haven’t received a cent in months.

I think I knew this deep down, but I didn’t realize that deep lull we are in is solely because the staff can’t communicate with anyone!!

She told me that she would rather buy milk for her babies than buy time on her phonecard for work. I think she is right.

Unfortunately, we are a rich organization and I don’t really understand what is happening.


~ by kcanderson on November 2, 2005.

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