Just a note.

Being so far away has really made me realize all the special people in my life. If you are reading this blog you are special to me – I don’t even give this blog address out!

In any case, on a hot sunny Sunday in Kigali, Sending me love to all of you.



1 thought on “Appreciation”

  1. Well I guess you must love me for I am ready this blog at this special time in your life. We just came back from our week of hard work for Reg in St-Sauveur. It was not so much fun for me for we lived in a mess with all the renovations he did. When i read you blog though i am really greatful for all I have and even the time spent in St-Sauveur being bored at times. I am greatful to be so blessed with my life of family and love that surrounds me. Yes,Miss Kl you are even part of it. A whole week without reading your blog ……….Hmmmmmmm! Feels good to read up on you latest adventure tonight and we do miss you and your great smile. Hope you are feeling better stomach wise . Yup,not long and Matt will be with you .

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