The State of Things

As I write I feel pulled in many directions – staying late at work to finish a powerpoint assigned today, due tomorrow; worried about getting a visa to be here another three months and not knowing the process; the three other work projects I have on the backburner while I get pushed the day-to-day work that consumes me; my friends at home visiting from Ethiopia who I would rather be spending time with; my intense longing for people at home.

Having Carl and Nic here has been really nice. We visited Rusomo Falls on the border of Tanzania yesterday. The dark brown rushing water was the only excitement at the nearly dead border crossing. Saturday was motos on the backroads of Ruhengeri up to Lake Ruhondo, where we paraded around with most of the local community following us. Wish I could forget the colour of my skin for only 30 seconds. Drove home to Kigali late in the night where I found myself sitting on top of the speaker, plugging my ears to try to dull out the extremely loud rap music. Eating Cadbury chocolate to pass the hours.

The rain is coming so I should get up to the taxi park. 25 days till Mat arrives and I am counting the hours. I am excited to show him Rwanda – with all its frustration and fleeting moments of sheer beauty.


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