Not cynicism, just observation

I get the sense that everyone throws around well-worded and somewhat coded rhetoric that would seem solid lacking thorough analysis. When everyone is most interested in hearing themselves talk and ensuring their image is maintained, there is a lot of space for empty persepectives to be taken as fact – valid and supported. There is a lot of room for views to be accepted on the basis of the reputation of those who expressed them, not on their validity or acceptability themselves.

Especially in a field like HIV/AIDS, where there are infinite intertwining issues, it is easy to talk without substance. It is easy to listen without analysis or absorption.

This is where I see AIDS fatigue most – when I see politics and banter, but a lack of new ideas or forward movement or analysis.

This is what I most want to avoid when I think, talk or act in the field of HIV/AIDS.


~ by kcanderson on November 30, 2005.

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