World AIDS Day, Kigali

I noticed in my past blog that I used the word ‘everyone’ when I talked about rhetoric and fatigue. That was a mistake.

Not everyone is jaded or tired, not everyone is using big empty words when they should just be talking from the heart. I got to see a World AIDS day celebration this morning at the Gatenga Center for Youth. These kids were so excited and so open to saying what was on their minds.

I am scared about getting too cynical and always looking for the flaws in things. There was this group of Intore dancers at the celebration, they couldn’t have been more than eight years old. They were so energetic, so carefree. They were losing their clothes all over the place, dropping their sheilds, losing their wigs. And just so thrilled to be showing people what they could do. I loved it, and in that instant, I wished I could see the simplicity in fighting AIDS rather than always finding it so complicated. These little kids were fighting AIDS and maybe not even realizing it at all.

I have often been told that I am too serious, that I am too cynical, too analytical. There are benefits to being like that. Then again, there are benefits to being a bit softer sometimes and just seeing the beauty in a moment like that dance. And just to smile. I am learning to find the balance.


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