Top 10 Material Things I Miss

In no particular order… (please do not judge me!)

1. Starbucks Coffee – especially iced 2% extra caramel caramel macchiatos.
2. Clean feet – dust and dirt free.
3. Driving the Honda, instead of taking a packed, falling-apart, freaky taxi
4. Couches and lying on couches, and watching movies on couches
5. Health Food Stores, Tofu and all things vegetarian
6. Ethnic Food restaurants (i.e. thai) and ethnic grocery stores (i.e. not Rwandese)
7. Cheese. Cheddar, parmesan, asiago, mozzarella, brie, blue….
8. Nice clothes and wearing tank tops in public – i.e. not feeling dirty
9. My yoga class and yoga teachers and yoga life!
10. Chocolate Chip Cookies in large quantities.*

*seems as though there is a strange food trend?


~ by kcanderson on December 8, 2005.

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