En Ouganda

I’ve been promising to write this blog, and simultaneously putting it off, procrastinating. How to describe our three weeks in Uganda?

‘Underslept, dehydrated, undernourished, insane bus rides, uncooperative locals, insane non stop bartering…’ That was one description. The other would include more about the hot hot days at Murchinson Falls National Park and the cold cold mornings stepping out of the tent; excellent meals at Bushara Island Camp on Lake Bunyonyi; wandering the chaotic streets in Kampala; hiking up Sipi Falls; the huge communal christmas dinner in the Ssese Islands. The most challenging backpacking we’ve ever done; the best we’ve ever gotten to know each other; the most worthwhile travelling experience I’ve had in a long time. We asked ourselves whether we would have rather just had a beach vacation. Ask me that on one of the bus rides and you would have gotten an emphatic yes. Then again, I’m pretty sure this trip won’t leave my memory. And I’m entirely sure it wouldn’t have made for as good a story!


~ by kcanderson on January 16, 2006.

One Response to “En Ouganda”

  1. Well, the pictures looked amazing, and as you said, it’s one of those which you remember for a long time and are thankful you did when you have those memories to look back on. I’ll e-mail you soon with some updates on me. :-p

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