I am back in the North. I notice that I fit into my surroundings very nicely. Everyone around me is exactly like me, at least in appearance. I spent the last ten days “readjusting.” To me, it is more a practice in energy conservation and conservatism. I’m not moving too fast. Seven months are coming towards me, a limbo period before I start medical school. A period where I have the potential to do something unconventional. It is wide open.

Me, on the other hand… I’m not feeling so wide open. The lack of sun, cold, coupled with uncertainty leaves me battling myself a bit every morning. By the afternoon I am usually in a wave of life-inspiration, but the mornings are hard. I have been filling them with caffeine, and increasingly, yoga. Some reading.

In any case I find myself here healthy and inquiring into myself, my priorities, and generally wondering what is going to happen next. I leave tomorrow for Nova Scotia to finish my contract with Coady. It’s a two-week reentry and debriefing session. A two-week drinking with friends, playing in the snow and getting on with it session.

I have an idea building for a new blog. Stay tuned.


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