Seeing human.

It snowed a few feet in London last night.

Slow, quiet, and expansive space. Smiles on the street, light snowflakes in the air, bright sunshine. A forced check-in from the universe – what happens when you have to slow down for a morning, and look around?

Getting all dressed up for it, big boots, toque, mitts. My superintendent says he hasn’t seen snow like this since 1978. Big smile on his face, shovelling the snow off his car. Crunching snow under my feet – wandering towards the main road. I see an older woman, struggling with the curb full of snow. I took her hand and helped her up. She tells me she’ll say a prayer for me. I watch her heels sliding in the snow as she walks in front of me.

There is something about an imposed break. The energy out there today is incredible. Humans reaching out to humans again. The most fundamental of activities. The most important of our jobs – to remember that life is about living in relationship. Relationship with yourself, with those you love, with your community. Relationship with a force that sustains you each day of your life. To recognize that you cannot live without relationship. That you are ultimately connected.

I am in medical school now. Often it feels like a force opposed to relationship, more pushing me towards social isolation. Sleeping-with-my-textbooks-open-across-my-face isolation. or something like that. Yesterday, a friend – after running for the bus – pulled out his stethescope and stuck it on me, saying “you wanna hear a wheeze??” These are the most real moments of my day.

Today the guy at the post office told me his wife waited outside of Best Buy since 2am to buy a “Wii” for their son. Then he proceeded to show me what a Wii was… some interactive video game. He was so excited about this thing.

I really love today.

~ by kcanderson on December 8, 2006.

One Response to “Seeing human.”

  1. Glad you’re back! Happy writing, and dealing with the snow!

    All city here in NY, bitterly cold!


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