Ode to an old friend.

In 1993 outside a grocery store in Evergreen, Colorado, I picked up a golden puppy from a crate – from a farmer giving him away to a good home. I picked him up and couldn’t put him down. I held him until my mom promised we could take him home. Later that day we named him Cody.

Cody loved Colorado and our rural home. He ran through the fields and the forests, chased Elk (scary for us!) and protected our other little dog Muffin from a Coyote. Because he was naturally a herding dog, Cody used to herd us when we went on hikes as a family. I used to use him as a pillow and take naps on the floor of the living room with him.

When we moved to England, Cody stayed behind with our Uncle and Aunt in Ontario. Moving home to Canada was so exciting for the family because he came back to us. So, Cody moved back to the US and lived in Maryland. I remember he ran away once when I was having a fight with my dad. Cody always knew when I was upset – and the rest of my family, too. I sat on the driveway and cried when I couldn’t find him. Five minutes later he came running up to me and I was so happy he came home.

In about 2001, Cody made the big move up to Canada. For the last four years of his life, he’s lived in Carlisle, King of my parent’s house. During all my ups and downs Cody was there with unconditional love.

Cody got very sick this year. When I was in Rwanda, he came close to death and my parents couldn’t bear to tell me. Cody survived that one, and had a few more lapses during the fall of 2006. We asked him to make it through Christmas, and he was his good old self until a week ago. Cody gave it his last bit of energy up until the end. He left us this Saturday morning.

Cody was a true friend and I will miss his energy and his personality very much for a long, long time. He was the best dog ever and truly irreplaceable. We miss him so much!


4 thoughts on “Ode to an old friend.”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that Kelly. Cody was such a great member of your family and i’ll miss him too. I still remember he and I playing a version of fetch at your house in maryland with a tennis ball and a tennis racket, it was the only way I had enough energy to keep up with him!

  2. Hi Kelly – not sure why I decided to check your blog tonight. Nice to see you’re back online. So sry to read about Cody tho – what a good boy. I remember him greeting me as I walked up your driveway on Cannongate (where your dad was known as Ion). Beautiful writing. GL at school.

  3. Just noticed – your blog must still be on Rwanda time? (7 hrs off) I did not post that last comment at 5:03 a.m.!

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