Today all eight of us have arrived and are getting settled. It has been wonderful to be reunited, in the sense that we can sit around and it’s almost exactly like we’re still in Canada (we are undecided if this is a good thing?). However, I can’t ignore that I feel like we are 8 mzungus wandering around Arusha with “target” stamped across our foreheads. I think we’ve made a lot of “friends” trying to sell us stuff. I am half petrified as I am the only one having spent time on this continent. I feel a bit like a mom.

Arusha: green, modern, clean(ish), busy, trafficky… no stop lights… lots of white tourists, mountain view, internet and Random African Souvenirs everywhere… has the feel of every major African city I’ve ever visited. Much nicer attitudes than in Kigali. I definitely don’t feel as tense here, so I’m hoping this will be a much easier experience. Still have the sense I have no idea what anyone is really thinking/saying when dealing with me or my cohorts. Still understand that I’m definitely having the wool pulled over my eyes… a lot. A lot being an understatement. Mice in my room, eating holes in my clothes. Not many mosquitos though!

Food: lots of Western options. Actually sitting here having a coffee (a real one!) Haven’t touched a real TZ meal yet, I do believe. Breakky is still that weird pretend-butter stuff on white bread and omlettes. I have a huge appetite which is incredible considering my typical emotion/inability to eat upon arrival!

Must go. More soon, hopefully with photos! Hope you are all healthy and happy,


~ by kcanderson on June 15, 2007.

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