Saturdays = no power

This morning we woke up to the Arusha cold. It’s surprisingly cold here – like sweater cold in the mornings and evenings. We woke up and there was no power. Pleasantly, we have had power here continuously. Much different than they whole Kigali no power 60% of the time thing. Here, they intentionally turn off the power here on Saturdays. My guess is it’s a cost issue (or hopefully a conservation thing). My shower included randomly washing one body part at a time. I imagine I should take the plunge and just shower in the cold but I’m a wuss.

The team starts today, in the sense we are meeting with the doc here in Arusha. We worked on our scheduling last night – looks like it will be a heavy 7 weeks. Long hours and weekends.

I realize there aren’t my typical creative or well-written blogs, but want to keep you all posted.

Missing you all but feeling well and healthy. love, Kelly


2 thoughts on “Saturdays = no power”

  1. Kelso, so glad that you’ve arrived safely. Do you have a cell number I can call? It’s interesting to get your take on Arusha. It’s really calm, isn’t it? As for feeling responsible for the others . . . I think people will have very different experiences depending on who they are and what their respective biases are . .. things that you don’t have control over. You are responsible for yourself . . .that’s plenty. Lady, you’re such a trooper. Kerry, Lija, Mary and I were talking about you yesterday. Kerry sighed one of those “awh” as in i-really-would-have-liked-to-see her sighs when Mary mentioned that we had met up last weekend.

    I miss you!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    So happy to see you are safe and sound in Arusha. I have been reading your blog with interest since you have arrived in Africa. As usual I am extremely amazed with all you do and what you have accomplished through the years. You are quite talented and no doubt will achieve great things in life. In the meatime till we see you again do take good care and be safe.

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