Silver Lining

A lot of friends have emailed me since I posted my last blog. I am so grateful to have such amazing family and friends that care about me. Thank you for all of the support.
I’ve also received a lot of advice from people much more knowledgeable (and optimistic) than me on “international development.” Thank goodness for them. It is good to hear the perspectives of others I’ve worked with in the past, to understand that they share my perspectives but can also add to them in a positive manner.

Yesterday we medically screened another group of children. I have to say that I really enjoy doing the physicals. As we walked to the center yesterday, someone on my team asked me if I saw things in the big picture or the small picture. To which I replied, “absolutely the big picture”. He said, things seem a lot better in the small picture. To which I agreed.

In the small picture, I love this “doctoring” business. I love improving my skills and in the process, maybe identifying something in the health of a child that can be ameliorated. If I am identifying anything, that is. Another friend told me, “look for the silver lining, there always is one”. Well, this is a silver lining: that doing physicals is enjoyable. That I am learning.

The questionable nature of our project is absolutely and will continue to be at the forefront of my mind. It will likely be at the forefront of my mind for a long time. For the sake of functionality here, there are elements of this existential crisis that I must overcome. I can’t be so indulgent as to think that everything I do here just makes things worse (or better!). But, I do plan to use these six weeks as an experiment as to how willing I am to continue this work. At least, to continue it in a capacity such as this (on the ground, providing direct services). Perhaps my energy will feel better spent lobbying the Canadian government, teaching in universities, or heaven forbid, starting my own NGO… ! (We’ll see about that one. Maybe in a few decades I’ll be ready). (Or not.)

And so we continue. I am doing fine, still. I am thinking a lot, still. I am healthy and well.

I’ve put up Flickr photos. Many are of amsterdam but I hope to have more up soon of Arusha. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I notice that picture taking here is not as offensive as it was in Rwanda and Uganda, so I expect to have some beautiful shots upon my return home.




2 thoughts on “Silver Lining”

  1. What an incredible picture you’ve posted.
    It’s beautiful the playful nature of African children (pardon the generalization).
    It must really help alleviate the challenges you face.

  2. How come taking pictures in rwanda was offensive, what was the belief behind it? or was it just something you noticed in people’s reaction.

    Keep up the great work!

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