The Pick-Up.

This blog is entitled the Pick Up because as of late, the MedOutreach project is truly picking up. Perhaps not for “good” or for “bad”, but we are quite busy doing things.

My main focus and interest continues to be the Upendo HIV Group. The MedOutreach team fundraises at least $5000Cdn each year to finance their continuing medical care here in Arusha year-round. This amount is transferred to the account of our trusted physician here. We also donate between $8,000-$12,000 (400kg) of medication and supplies to his clinic (as shown here, as we organize the meds).
We attended a meeting of the Upendo HIV Group yesterday, to organize their follow-up treatment now that some of the medical screenings have been completed. We have screened approximately 30 individuals. To our surprise, at the meeting we determined that there is another group of over 30 individuals yet to be screened medically. And so our work doubles. We have arranged two additional days of screening, which will likely not be sufficient to get this done. Moreover, their follow-up treatment seems like it will take forever (and consume so many of our donated resources). The complicated nature of HIV and AIDS continues to astound me.
Our team lost a member as well, who went home for personal reasons. Many females that we screen prefer to be screened by a female medical person (especially when they are adolescent girls). I enjoy being able to provide this for them, but I also feel a little tired. There are truly not that many of them though, that request a female… and I’m just complaining.
We continue to work on medically screening and treating the kids and teenagers at CCF Arusha and Maji Ya Chai (a rural town, where CCF has a residential centre for vulnerable children). The kids in Maji Ya Chai are suprisingly healthy. Our major concern there is sexual transmitted infections, and lack of safer sex practices. Our counselling attempts seem thus far to be a bit futile, but we’ll continue to work on this.

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