This is MedOutreach 2007 having dinner at the hostel where we stay.

Yesterday our faculty physician arrived from Canada, to stay with us for a week. We took him for a gourmet breakfast this morning, at a gorgeous hotel close to the place we stay. It’ll be excellent to learn from his clinical expertise, as he is an infectious disease specialist. Tomorrow we’ll be seeing 13 more members of the Upendo HIV Group, under his guidance. Later in the week, we’re engaged in wound care at a Leprosy Home and observerships at a rural hospital. We’ll also do some follow up with HIV patients we’ve screened already. It promises to be a good week, which I need. I’m fatiguing with the project – mostly because we are so short term, I question what we can do with our limited time left! But I’m really hoping my energy will build this week.

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  1. Miss Kl,
    Guess what??
    A good coffee and a good rest does wonders for the soul:) All will surely look much better the next day and you will know then that all you and your peers have accomplished is for a good reason.
    Cheerio !

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