Central America

Apologies for having fallen off the map temporarily. The IFMSA conference in the UK was inspiring, worthwhile and a great opportunity for the Mentorship Project to thrive. Following the oral presentation I gave (something I stressed about more than usual), the IHMP awarded the Best Project Presentation annual award. Its rewarding when something you’re so passionate about is recognized. It is so important that as future global health professionals, we educate ourselves about what works in healthcare internationally. That we seek out teachers that will teach us from their years of experience. That we look for mentors to help us acheive our global goals. As students, how often do we seek out teachers? How much do we try to learn from those older and more experienced than ourselves?

I flew home to Toronto after a wonderful two days in the London area with new and old friends. Mat and I left soon after my return for a backpacking adventure in Costa Rica.

We’re in Monteverde. This mountainous, rain-drenched spot in the northwestern region is famous for zip-line canopy tours, hanging bridges, amphibians, coffee growing and cheese-making, waterfalls, cloud forest hikes and the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. We find ourselves today relaxing on the hostel balcony while it pours outside. This is a much needed break for both of us, and its incredible to be in this part of the world for the first time.

Love from C.R.,


1 thought on “Central America”

  1. You have this page on the internet that tells people about things that you do!? in first person? marvellous. Why haven’t I known about this before?

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