Samara Beach

The waves are significant here, and I couldn’t have been more like a kid for the hour we just spent jumping over them and diving through them. How often do we get to just have fun day-to-day? Certainly not enough. It just feels so relieving just to laugh. This summer has been hard. I have so many difficult recollections, pressing emotions, forming ideas… but they all disappeared today in the waves. Disappeared with each dive under the crazy water.


2 thoughts on “Samara Beach”

  1. Hey Kelly…if you havent hit La Fortuna yet, I remembered the name of the hot springs…Tabacon….There’s some pics in my Costa Rica album on facebook…D

  2. HI Matt and Kelly,
    Looks like this is the ideal place to be right now. Here the weather is not the greatest. Rain since the last few days and more to come . No sun till Monday 😦
    At least it is nice to hear that you are well and enjoying your trip. Can’t wait to see the pictures. See you soon !
    Love you guys…xoox

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