Over the last two weeks, the International Health Mentorship Project reviewed approximately 100 medical student applications, and matched over 70 students with global health professionals from 50+ non-governmental and multilateral organizations.

Last night, we sat for over four and a half hours sending emails out to mentors and students, inviting them into conversation with each other. Each email is addressed to the student and the mentor together, and it explains the experience of the mentor in relation to the interests of the student chosen.

I imagine to myself that being a recipient of one of these emails is perhaps not entirely exciting; it’s important to build connections and have relevant conversations, but it is just one-on-one. From our perspective, from explaining the mind-numbing experiences of over 70 mentors around the world, the network building and communication sharing is vast and full of potential.

The key is to now ensure that each of these relationships WORK. How do we keep these mentorships dynamic, and full of learning on global health issues? How do we create this pocket of future physicians educated to be effective at home and internationally? Have ideas? Email me at


~ by kcanderson on October 25, 2007.

One Response to “Matched.”

  1. I’m so incredibly proud of you for this.
    I mentioned in an above entry that small is a relative term in the context of thinking small.
    Small is defined by who we surround ourselves with. It is a reflection of our environment.
    You make my definition of small that much bigger.
    Thank you.

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