“Clear your plate if you want to make room for dessert” – the universe.

This quote graciously fell into my email inbox yesterday. We’ve all been running, running but what are we accomplishing? My plate is full right now. Is yours? So many of us, our plates are full to the extent that we have so little room to allow creativity to bloom. Instead we pack our small minds with to-do lists, rebuttals, annoyances, fatigue and self-talk. Our innovative, expansive, luminous minds just sit back without the room they need to intervene.

A friend asked me yesterday, “What is next?” Followed by my complete silence, he asked instead, “what is going on inside that head of yours?” People have always told me I take way too long to respond to questions. But what a stellar question; so stellar, it really made me speechless.

“If you see the obstacles even for a moment, then you have taken your eyes off the goal.” I can say that perhaps my eyes have wandered these days, away from the infinite, and onto the finite. We all have phases that we must flow through. Phases for learning medicine and paying the bills and raising children, for example. But I can guarantee that my focus on the finite will not be for long. On any given day I allow my mind to wander freely in the expanse of ideas, for at least a short period. It is, however, spending enough time in this state of wonder that creates the greatest ideas. So perhaps I should clear my plate a little.


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