My Mom.

I have an incredible Mom. (In fact, I have two outstanding parents, but this is especially written for my mom). She is in British Columbia this week with her dad and brothers, so I can’t see her as per usual. My mom is an expert at caring for others and always puts others’ needs before her own. She has a special gift at making everyone feel that things always happen for the best. She takes care of all the invisible details, weaving the lives of my family members together in unspoken ways. I can’t wait to tell her when I have good news, and she is always there when I need a hug. She has a magical way of making me feel good about myself, and expressing pride in all the things I do. She also keeps me on track when I go astray, and tells me to take care of myself. I am infinitely fortunate to have her influence in my life, and it’s about time I dedicated a blog to her. Love you, Mom xoxox.

1 thought on “My Mom.”

  1. I love her too! Fav Carol memory: spending one of my birthdays antiquing in Havre de Grace then having lunch together by the water where I sipped my first pinot grigio (not my last!). Nicely written Kelly!

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