Not Losing Sight

I am closed off this week to the universe. Not having serendipitous encounters and not feeling pointed by instinct or energy. I don’t like weeks like this but then again, they must present themselves for some greater learning to occur. I hope I can regain some sight by the end of the week.

A wonderful friend currently working in India sent me a resource on Thinking Small. It’s an article from Resurgence Magazine ( called “Small School”… I hope I’ve found the right one, Lisa?

“THE DAY AT Brockwood Park School begins with ten minutes of silence. All sixty students and thirty staff gather at 8.00am in the school’s octagonal assembly hall to share the quiet moments. Silence plays an important part in the school day. Further moments of quiet are held before classes, meetings and other activities….

The school, which occupies an eighteenth-century house and several outbuildings set in forty acres in the Hampshire countryside, was set up in 1969 by the philosopher and educationalist J. Krishnamurti. Brockwood is one of a handful of schools established by him round the world, each with its own structure and role.

Brockwood is an international school, fully residential, catering for students from fourteen to nineteen years of age. They come from thirty different countries, and the mix of nationalities is kept deliberately broad.

Brockwood only takes older teenagers partly because of its aim of creating a small supportive community where the students learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, and where they feel sufficiently secure to engage in a serious exploration of issues that concern young people, such as fear, identity, sexuality and death.

Between the moments of silence, Brockwood is a lively, vibrant place. Students study a range of subjects, from languages to physics and fine art, with music particularly popular. Krishnamurti spoke about two streams of learning – one concerned with the accumulation of knowledge and skills necessary to live and make a living in the world, and the other to do with “the understanding with sensitivity and intelligence of the whole problem of living; the whole structure of human existence”. Brockwood aims to ensure that the two streams flow in harmony…. ” continues…


~ by kcanderson on November 21, 2007.

One Response to “Not Losing Sight”

  1. oops. Kelly my memory slipped. The article was called Children’s Charter (and it was *about* a small school). You’ll find it here:

    but thank you for guiding us towards the other article!

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