"A Far Cry from Christmas"

“By all means let us replace fossil fuel with bio-fuel where appropriate, but we have to do more than that – we have to replace our quantitative consumerism with a qualitative lifestyle.We need to move away from more and global to less and local; from accumulation of unnecessary clutter to enjoymentof the good things in life like art, music, friendship and free time.We need to shift from waste to frugality, from consuming to making, from illusion to imagination, from desire to delight and from consumption of natural resources to an appreciation of the natural world. If we do that then Christmas will again be an occasion of great celebration rather than an excuse for more consumption. And then again the secular and the sacred, the material and the spiritual will be recognised as being two sides of the same coin.”

– Satish Kumar, Resurgence Issue Nov/Dec 2006


~ by kcanderson on November 23, 2007.

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