Today is one of those days that reminds me a skiing. Bright blue sky and crisp cold, and everything feels fresh and clear. It reminds me of a long day of beautiful skiing with my dad, and then walking out to the car afterwards in a state of complete happy exhaustion.

Today in a brief state of clarity, I remembered a session I once attended with Stephen Cope while I was at Kripalu in 2006. He was talking to us about the Yoga Sutras and his newest book. I asked him, “if the universal truth is that we are all ignorant to our greater selves and our own lightness and interconnectness – but it exists within us – why do almost all of us spend so much time trapped in our egos, thinking selfishly, and oblivious to the beauty of the world?” As I recall he didn’t have an answer to that immediately. Which is not to say it does not exist, but it is a troublesome thought. Why are so many people metaphorically asleep and self-serving on this earth?

Fast forward to Eckhart Tolle’s new book “A New Earth,” where he is talking about the evolution of human beings. More and more humans are “awakening” to the reality of interconnection, of light and energetic unity. Quantum physics are guiding us there in the scientific realm. More people are waking up than ever before; more people are attracted to the ideas of breaking through misunderstandings and separateness from other humans. It is slow but I feel it.

Are humans waking up as a species, like Tolle says? Are we ever going to stop fighting our inner selves, and wake up to the fact that we are all essentially part of a greater whole? Our generations, are we the fighters of this internal revolution? Will we be the ones to reach outside ourselves and understand that taking care of each other and the earth is the only way forward?

My clarity this morning told me to put others first. I’m not sure precisely how to articulate the fittings with thinking small, and with my yogic and global health leanings. But the fit is there.


~ by kcanderson on November 23, 2007.

One Response to “Fighting.”

  1. “my clarity this morning . . . “
    that wording strikes me

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