Youth Activism?

As posted on the University of Western Ontario Activism listserv on November 29th, 2006. The author, Courtney E. Martin, discusses the “safety” and “over-civility” of our youth-based socialist actions today. I’m not sure if I agree with the need to be angry to be effective, but certainly, I do wonder if creativity, dedication, resourcefulness and ingenuity is being bred out of the over-educated.

“Is it any wonder? We were raised to organize our adolescent lives in pursuit of external approval: church awards, athletic scholarships, and college admissions. More than any generation in history, we’ve been signed up, roped in, and overscheduled. When we get to college, many of us rush to join clubs in an attempt to recreate this safe feeling of sanctioned activity, of organized energies, of potential approval by authorities. Our innate passions and spontaneous actions have essentially been bred out of us.”

…[students] need to stay out of the student center long enough to figure out what their version of outraged activism really is. Small as it may sound, big change would happen if college students today could protect their purest intentions from the pacifying force of free pizza and resume building? kudos. Our generation needs to step into our raw power — the priceless power of being young and mad. We need to stay hungry long enough to get angry.”


~ by kcanderson on November 30, 2007.

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