Energetically messed up.

Some days I just feel energetically messed up. Today is one of those days. Nothing is particularly amiss, but I am disconnected from the moment and the people and places that surround me. Even in the haven of my apartment, full of positivity and life, I feel messed up.

Luckily even if I feel messed up this little plant is still doing well. There was a sense of connectedness when I took its picture and then modified it on photoshop. My current obsession.
I do realize that typically my blogs are more thoughtful or profound than this one, but I’m in the middle of exams, strung out on caffeine, I haven’t eaten enough vegetables in weeks, I am definitely not doing yoga and my last plane ride to an exotic or challenging destination was over six months ago. This little plant is about the best I can do tonight! It sure is pretty though.


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