Eight Things That Make Noise.

  1. My kitchen taps that have been just a bit leaky since the spring; but you can stop them from leaking by turning the taps firmly shut.
  2. The snow blower outside for the last two hours removing the piles of new snow that arrived in the middle of the night.
  3. My toilet flapper that doesn’t close quite right and has been on order from Kohler since October and was misdelivered to a neighbour that never passed it along to me.
  4. The forced-air heating system that clunks on and off on cold days.
  5. My Dell laptop that, ever since last January, has reliably beeped when it connects to a new wireless signal. Sometimes it even beeps when it’s on hibernate, like it’s telling me to please pay attention to it.
  6. My make-shift ‘inspiration’ bulletin boards that are tacked up on the wall with sticky squares from Ikea, and fall every once in awhile. One friend tells me when they fall, it’s an omen to change what’s on them. So I do.
  7. My closets. I have four huge closets that have doors on rollers. When the building shifts they make a racket. Usually in the middle of the night or when the weather is changing.
  8. The external door to my apartment that quietly buzzes air through it year-round, even though I have sealed it following drawn-out trips to Home Depot and discussions with their staff.

~ by kcanderson on December 16, 2007.

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