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Irony rings for me when I feel immense connection in my ‘yogic’ life – when I’m teaching, with students, or when I’m with my friends who dwell in the ideology of connection – and disconnection in my medical life. They are of course, not separate lives, and I am well connected in all of it when I don’t think too hard and just enjoy it.

Mat always tells me that my greatest strength is building myself a community in any new place I visit or live. This is something I am wonderful at; but it’s short-term, and the beauty is their short-term depth and their dissapating nature. The last two weeks are a perfect example.

There are a few people that I see every morning lately to my delight. Do you remember the blog I wrote last year, when there was a massive snowfall in London and I was snowed in? That morning, I had helped an elderly lady in high heels to cross the road, and she told me she would pray for me. Now, I see her every morning. I also see an older gentleman, who wears a green snow vest, big boots and drinks two coffees every morning in the same arm chair; he nods and smiles when he sees me. I see an elderly couple who eat a cinnamon bun together each day at 8:30am in the booth in front of me, and chat with the green vest gentleman. I see a younger professional couple that come in a 10am for a coffee break with their apple computers and dressy clothes. There is one older gentleman who is always on his laptop and cell phone, and he takes breaks to tell me about all his travels to Vancouver (once I told him I was from there). And of course there is the baked-apple woman with such a robust way-of-being that it would take “ten new staff to replace [her] personality” (her own words).

These are the beautiful people in my immediate community. And now I will leave to write my last exam in 2007, and bid farewell to these individuals who have facilitated my passage through this exam period with relative sanity.


~ by kcanderson on December 20, 2007.

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