Slowly learning, that when you are angry at someone for the way that you perceive them to be, you don’t actually have to tell them how you think that they are, just to make yourself feel better.

Maybe I should understand instead that people are free to be who they are, and do what they do, just like I am.


~ by kcanderson on January 17, 2008.

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  1. It’s so funny that you were thinking that. I was in a very similar situation yesterday where this comment would have been very appropriate.

  2. I find myself in this situation a lot in the last week… it’s so painful! I don’t deal well with the anger emotion.

    Did you lose your cool on someone? At least it would have been very eloquent and Jia-like if you did. xoxo

  3. You give me way more credit than deserved. I don’t deal well with the anger emotion either. You’re supposed to let anger dissipate before you confront (if at all) the source of the anger, right? I find the process of dissipation complicated. Usually, it involves removing myself from whomever or whatever that’s causing the anger emotion in me. But, I still need to express or dissipate the emotion by talking about the event . . . so, my close friends, like you, end up hearing about the story behind the anger. But, that just places the burden on the people I care about, which is not very nice. I don’t know how else to dissipate anger. Do you?

  4. Dissapating anger. The way I usually try to deal with it is looking at what it is inside ME that is insighting the anger. Usually it is some unresolved issue that I feel I’m failing at, so I am angry at others for failing at it too. You know? But then, it often ends up translating to self-anger, which can be even worse. I’ve tried to be really strict lately about not criticizing myself … but what a long and hard process that is. I rarely see you angry though Jia, do you get more upset than angry? that’s how it tends to go with me. Miss you xoxo.

  5. Kelsy, but if you don’t say it, does that mean it’ll nag at you as it slowly dissipates? Because I find myself feeling more upset than if I was angry at someone and expressed it right on the spot.

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