Reasons to be in love with planet Earth.

Handstands. drinking coffee. doing child-like things. playing. going to yoga class. spending time with family. listening to new music. being outside. flowers. red wine. the ocean. having a guinness. writing, painting, reading. going to markets, busy ones. being athletic. being inspired. fine dining. traveling and seeing new things. making food and baking. rolling pins. good friends and strong supporters. blogging. meeting beautiful people with beautiful minds. being filled up with love. surprises. breakfasts and early mornings. being captivated by something. dreaming up new ideas. natural foods and products without petrochemicals. incense. snowshoeing. learning to ski again. hanging out with friends that I enjoy. cheese. Dorion (the cheese store there). fires and stars. discipline in developing my enlightened self. Rumi. hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking. teaching devoted yogis. Kripalu. dedication and loyalty. feeling appreciated. beautiful buildings and art. walks in cities I am exploring. full fat plain yogurt. bus rides in developing countries with good music. thoughtful emails from best friends. candles burning. fireplaces. the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. celebrations. feeling and being full of potential. helping myself. summer rain and fog. accomplishments I have worked hard for. long winter sleeps. breathing. meeting a new teacher. stepping in rivers on stones in bare feet. little cafes. feeling love. unlimited experiences.


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