Study, study. Filling the hours with learning medical jargon, diagnoses, and treatment creates a structure in my life that rarely leaves me the space and time to deliberate why I am here. On the planet, that is. All religion aside, don’t you sometimes find it baffling, human existence? What the heck are we doing here, and where are we even? What is this universe and where are its boundaries? What are outside those boundaries? What made us, and is there a purpose? Should I just treat my life like a playground because I’ll never really scientifically know the answer? What the heck?

I am lying; I think about this all the time, in the simplest, most unintellectual of ways. I was driving my car in the mall parking lot, picking up a pair of hemmed pants, with my face scrunched up thinking about these questions.


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  1. Kelsy,
    Every time I walk between different buildings on campus, I wonder – where am I going,and what’s the point of this? I don’t know the answer to any of those, but I figure, while I’m here, I might as well enjoy it. Maybe I try to not think about these questions by making myself as busy as I am and by spending time talking to everyone. I figure we’re all a bunch of confused animals on a floating ball.

  2. I agree with you my friend. But then where do morals and values come in, if we should just enjoy ourselves because our meaning is so hidden? I say hidden because I don’t necessarily believe it is non-existent. You haven’t blogged in a long time and I’ve noticed, by the way.

  3. Kelsy!
    yeah, I have all these stories to spill onto my blog and the world, but I guess I’ve kept myself too busy with school and running class things to make people happy..I’m having a hard time balancing me time and world time. I usually get motivated when I see you keeping up with your blog though, so thanks!
    as for morals and values, I’m constantly debating if they actually exist, or are things built on fear? Do we have morals and values because we’re afraid someone else might do something harmful to us? Is this the driving force behind everything in the world? I don’t know.
    all I know is that this assignment is like giving birth – it’s painful and slow. bah.

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