Noticeably, things are shifting to the unfamiliar. I have been in arguments with people I love. Disagreements and questioning. I’ve been re-prioritizing and losing certain responsibilities in my life. An NGO contract fell through almost wonderfully; I am starting to pass on the Mentorship Project. The 3rd year medical clerkship lottery made me think much more about my medical future; it felt like peering into an abyss. I am going back to Kripalu in a month or so – with a new person and a new objective (yoga meets medicine). The summer is a blank slate but serendipity will show her beautiful face. In an empowering fashion, I’m catching my mind running on useless and defeating tangents. I have an atypical cold that has knocked me off my feet a little and made me stop, rest, listen. All of these contibuting factors… did I invite these changes? Even the little ones? How did they arrive on my doorstep?

“Ask yourself where you would like to spend your creative energy. If you like where the familiar thought patterns take you, you may choose to continue the relationship. If you find you’d like to infuse your life with more surprising energies and ideas, set the familiar aside. You will probably have to be persistent. Watch what happens” – Charlotte Bell, in Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life

I read this paragraph a month ago, over the holidays, and it has revisited my mind frequently. What happens, really, when we invite the unfamiliar? How scary is that?


~ by kcanderson on January 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Familiarity”

  1. Do you feel a restlessness? I’m tempted to chalk it up to January and being cooped up. For some reason the cold and dark makes me want to burst with energy. I feel the need for something new to create or something new to invest energy into.

  2. I feel precisely the same. I wonder what is coming our way. I need a new conduit to channel some of my energy. Should we start a project?

  3. YES! I just went to a workshop on community activitsm . . . learned a ton of rearlly practical stuff. Ok, let’s talk and brainstorm.

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