Katine – Clip #5

Please see link to Clip 5. It is approximately 4 minutes. Clip #5 in the Clip Campaign is the first in a series of two or three clips about the Katine project, as they are quite valuable in explaining aspects of international development and health. (I might note, in case you feel this way watching the videos, that there are some subtle paternalistic and ethnocentric viewpoints expressed, but nonetheless they are good for educating a broad audience).

The Guardian Newspaper (UK) has selected this village in Uganda for a development project that both provides aid and aims to educate those in the North about international development through media. From the site: “Katine is one of the poorest and most deprived places on the planet. Its people ask very little but offer all they have – hospitality, warmth, friendliness and willingness to help. This is the village where the Guardian hopes to transform lives and prospects. In three years time… It may be a very different place. Whether the story has a happy ending will be for the people of Katine to judge.” For more information: http://www.guardian.co.uk/katine


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