Fast Today.

This is an exam week. It involves a lot of sitting in one place, and when not sitting, rushing to get to another place to sit. I’m back at my old stomping grounds – the 50 cent coffee place. The older gentleman told me that I was missed there in my absence. It made me happy.

In rushing between sitting locations today I had a doctors appointment to make sure I’m over the pneumonia. Getting into my appointment was very fast, and the nurse was also very fast in her history taking. The family doc came right in, and was prompt but took the time necessary to get a good sense of the pneumonia. He wrote me some perscriptions for the ongoing cough and hastily went on his way. I dropped off the perscriptions at the pharmacy, went and got an ISIC card in 5 minutes flat, then picked up the perscriptions immediately. I walked back to the bus stop and got right on a bus that was leaving for my neighbourhood. All very fast between sitting.

Now I’m sitting. There is sleet outside hitting my window as I stare aimlessly at my Netter’s Anatomy textbook, reminding myself that I was never good at thinking in 3D.


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