Opening Ceremony

Members of the CFMS International Health Program (aka IFMSA-Canada) enjoying a Starbucks in central Monterrey, Mexico during our one-day internal pre-meeting. Next door was a grocery store much resembling A&P, and a 24hr Office Max. This area of Northeastern Mexico is less like I expected. Thanks to the caffeine and our exotic Holiday Inn Express lodgings we had an incredibly productive meeting, despite a few members of the team being held up be airline delays.

We arrived at the IFMSA conference locale a few hours ago. The Opening Ceremonies of the IFMSA March Meeting 2008 involved a talk by the E.D. of Physicians for Human Rights, who explained to me the value of physicians in clinically documenting health human rights violations. He explained that through our unique education and special skills we are strategically placed to fight global health human rights violations. I talked with him after about involving some of their staff in the IHMP. It was a new perspective. I never knew we were specially gifted in fighting the human rights battle.

Mostly because I wonder if physicians just assume they are gifted at everything. When in reality we have so much to learn.


1 thought on “Opening Ceremony”

  1. You even managed to find a Starbuck in Monterrey Mexico Kelly ?? Way to go šŸ™‚ I am quite sure though that you are very busy with your work there at the IFMSA Conference. Safe trip home.


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