To just feel.

I woke up early with the sun on my face. I remembered one of my teachers this week, who said, “You are the beacons of light in your communities. If you are here, then you are living it.” I am always amazed at Kripalu how big my heart is. I have so much love in there, for people and places and things that don’t even know it. Sometimes in life, my heart gets packed into a little space and I don’t let it out. But I let it rule this week – letting the heart rule without allowing my mind to be in the way.

Some people are thinkers and some people are feelers; some people in the mind, and others in the body. Yoga is the practice of connecting mind and body; it’s a way to touch the soul. I am often in my mind for my profession and global endeavours, but my home is feeling without words. And it is a relief to be home.


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