GHEC Update in the Lancet Student

A Lancet Student post I wrote covering the first part of the GHEC conference this weekend. Also check out today’s upcoming GHEC post by my student colleague and board member Hanni.

Students create the vibrant and evolving action in global health issues, and we are the future changemakers and advocates in our communities. We need to be more involved in the dialogue, not only to share our current views, but to ensure we are cultivating a progressive language and thought process that allows us to stand out in our commentary.

We need to read more and be more thoroughly self-educated. We need to think more. We need to write more. We need to talk to our leaders and express our intergenerational differences in thinking. We need to support one another intra-generationally. We need to behave based on the premise that we can make small changes that culminate in big shifts in global thought.

~ by kcanderson on April 7, 2008.

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