My day of reading.

When I’m not learning medicine I really like to learn about health.

I checked out the Lancet Student this morning and enjoyed Rhona’s take on how to spend the weekend. The reports she recommends by Paul Hunt on health as a fundamental human right certainly gave me some informational fodder for future advocacy.

Following a serendipitous email from a wonderful friend, I enjoyed an article by Bill Stigler on Listening. Only partially available online: “Hear and Now.” He says, “… I cultivated my practice of the language of listening. I begin by reaching inside of myself to find my own deep well of curiosity which I then combine with deep respect for those I’m listening to. Physically and energetically, I create a safe and quiet space where I have no need to judge of categorize the things others say.”

Next I indulged in the launch of the Lancet Global Health Network, and the press release audio they posted on the inadequate movement towards MDG 4&5. Unfortunately I am not much one for stats, and I don’t find they inform my views of inequity and poverty. This Network, however, gives us a place to focus some attention in terms of collecting relevant news and learning about global health issues.

Do you know about something else I should be reading?


2 thoughts on “My day of reading.”

  1. How about the brand new book by Jeffrey D. Sachs (who also wrote The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time), which I think is called Common Wealth? I haven’t read the new one yet, but I have heard him talk about it several times recently, and it sounds great.

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