Being MIA Again

This week is the CFMS bi-annual general meeting in Montreal, starting on Thursday, amidst a couple of other engagements beforehand and lots of report and presentation writing. Saturday is also the McGill/Asssociation of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Global Health Conference, where I’m presenting “Global Health Ethics” with a colleague, focusing on the responsibilities of faculties in regards to medical tourism and preventing harm. Sunday is the AFMC Global Health Resource Group workshop, where our CFMS team will present pre-departure training guidelines for international electives. This is a document we’ve been working on all year, and it will be presented to all the Deans of Medicine in Canada next Tuesday. Essentially the point is: my blog will be taking the backburner for a few days until I feel the chaos is under control. But this is a really exciting weekend!

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